Eco-Lure Fruit Fly Trap Eco-Organic - 6 Pack
Eco-Lure Fruit Fly Trap Eco-Organic - 6 Pack - Information

Eco-Lure Fruit Fly Trap Eco-Organic

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OCP eco-lure male Queensland fruit fly trap uses pheromones to attract male fruit flies and an insecticide that quickly kills them. Hang in trees and around plants as a monitoring device to let you know when fruit flies are active in your garden. When it starts catching male flies begin spraying OCP eco-naturalure fruit fly bait concentrate to protect fruit from egg-laying females.

  • Extremely effective trap for male Queensland fruit fly
  • Targets only male Queensland fruit fly so safe for beneficial insects like bees
  • Wick lasts for 3 months with replacements available
  • Covers an area of approximately 400m2
  • Insecticide is contained inside the trap and doesn't make contact with plants or fruit

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